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Our History Since 1972

Our US entity started as the US procurement and import/export arm for our business partners. Our group started operations back in 1972, focused in the delivery of the supply of air, oil and hydraulic industrial filters for heavy duty machinery, flow control and engines. Del Rey Group is an authorized filtration distributor for Donaldson, Fleetguard, MANN-Filter, Parker, Baldwin, UFI Filters, Hengst, FRAM and WIX and other brands. Del Rey maintains warehouses for local stocking of strainers, filter housings, cartridges & more from these top brands and others. Today, our businesses expanded to cover a larger range of products in order to satisfy our customer base needs.

Authorized distribution brands by Del Rey Filtros

Through entity in Texas established in 2019, our group of companies strongly supports the United States engagement on trade through our solid connections in the machinery exchange for the mining, mineral processing, rail road freight, cement industry and metallurgy sectors.

We decided to ensure our presence in Houston Texas for multiple reasons and here are just a couple of them:​


Economical power

Texas is the second largest state in the US in terms of total GDP. In 2015, the state’s total GDP reached an amount of USD 1.6 billion, which competes with some of the most developed countries in the world, such as Canada and Australia. If Texas was considered a country, it would be ranked on the 10th position, right after Brazil in a world ranking of countries by GDP.



According to the US Census Bureau the state of Texas is home to 6 of the biggest cities in the US including Houston and the state has five of the 10 fastest growing cities of the country.



The Texas economy is highly developed and diversified, the state accounted, in 2015 for USD 251 billion driven mainly by exportation of petroleum & coal products, chemical products, computers & electronics, machinery and transportation equipment among others.


International trade hub

Texas remains the top US exporting state, as well as the leader in international trade in the US for 14 consecutive years. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to making Texas one of the most important US states concerning international trade. These factors embrace having a strategic location, the largest US rail and road infrastructure, as well as the majority of US ports of entry. Texas is truly a global trade power. Many international firms look for basing its facilities such as warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing in Texas to take advantage of its remarkable access to global markets. The top 10 main destinations of exported products from Texas are Mexico, Canada, China, South Korea, Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia, Japan, Singapore and Belgium. Brazil is the 5th main destination of Texan exports and the most exported products are chemicals, petroleum and coal, machinery and oil & gas.


Business climate

Texas is home to 50 of the Fortune 500 corporate headquarters, due to an unrivaled business climate in the nation. There are low taxes, reasonable and predictable regulations and a commitment to practicing the kind of fiscal conservatism.


Energy Capital of the World

Texas is home to the largest petrochemical cluster in the world. Houston city, in particular, has more than 3,700 energy-related companies and is considered the “Energy Capital of the World”, accounting for over 40% of all petrochemical capacity of the US.

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