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Our Loyal and Growing Customer Base

Our trade network and end-client base is both large, diverse and global. Over the years we have managed to continuously expand this network.


Our current business network includes the world's leading iron ore, gold, nickel, aluminium and niobium mining corporations, raw material refining companies, metallurgy and steel producers, freight rail and logistics companies, cement companies and others. It is worth highlighting that our network includes:​

Prancheta 1.png

The largest producer of iron ore and nickel in the world

Prancheta 2.png

One of the largest producers of steel in the Americas

Prancheta 3.png

One of the largest steel producers in South America with factories in the United States and Portugal

Prancheta 4.png

And other various major international industry players

In 2018 the total combined revenue of our customers exceeded $150 billion US dollars.

Our group is a qualified and registered vendor for all major players in the mining, freight rail and metallurgy sectors in South America.

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