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Avedøre FAS
DoC Voestalpine (AT) (5)
TRS (03)
CSS1400-04 (HR) (2)
JAWO CC-S 03 (Alu)

Authorized Distributor in the Americas of Mark & Wedell JAWO Automated Sampling Technologies

Representative sampling for:


>> Mining
>> Metals Refining & Minerals Processing
>> Power Plants
>> Cements and Limestone
>> Fertilizer
>> Oil & Gas

Introducing M&W JAWO Sampling. Sampling Made Simple

M&W JAWO Sampling offers customers a full range of automated and customized machines, instruments and complete systems for representative sampling of bulk material, powder and dust particles for a wide variety of industries.

In addition, you get access to our 35+ years of experience through dialogue with our sampling educated employees.

Obtaining representative samples of the total lot before analysis is crucial – otherwise there is little point in having made significant investments in laboratory equipment and analytical competences.

What’s in it for you?

By operating our automated sampling solutions you are getting reliable knowledge about the properties of the material you buy, sell or produce enabling you to:


  • Calculate the correct amount or value for each batch of material you receive or deliver – thereby reducing the risk of either overpaying or underselling


  • Confirm that you receive or sell products which meet contract requirements

  • Monitor and optimize your production and quality control process

  • Improve your mixing and blending operations to obtain better end-products

  • Estimate type and amounts of by-products from your processed or manufactured batches

  • Document the environmental impact and/or pollution from your production

  • For customers where larger or expensive quantities of material are bought or sold, the economic impact of ensuring representative and consistent samples will be substantial.

  • By buying the right sampling solution you are likely to save a lot of money.

M&W JAWO Sampling Brochure – English version
M&W JAWO Sampling Brochure – Spanish version
M&W JAWO Sampling Brochure – French version


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